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USB People Counter installation and operation guide

The attached quick installation guide provides detailed specifications of the USB People Counters, as well as a description of the installation process. (Download the PDF from the file at the bottom of the page)

For the Wireless People Counters refer the article
For the Display Only People Counters refer to article
For the Micro Display Only People Counters refer to article

Topics covered in this guide include:
  • Overview - PRx20U2 - PTx20-1(Bi-directional)
  • Overview – PRx10U2 – PTx10-1(Uni-directional)
  • Specifications
  • Software Requirements
  • USB Sensor Configuration – First time setup

  • Install People Counters
  • Check Alignment
  • Start Counting
  • Data Download
  • Data Import
  • Display Data
  • EasyReports Application
  • Reports
  • CSV Export
  • Additional Information

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