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Tolerance / Accuracy of multiple people moving past People Counter

Q: What is the tolerance / accuracy of the People Counter if multiple people walk past the counter as a group?

A: The People Counters feature a horizontal infra-red beam with electronic noise interference filtering for improved accuracy - so each time the beam is broken it increases the count. The more narrow the entrance/exit, the more accurate the infra-red technology becomes.

For example, a counter installed at a 1 metre entrance/exit will be very accurate, because people usually pass through 1 metre entrances/exits in a single file fashion. On the other hand, a counter installed at a 3 metre entrance/exit can be less accurate, because there is more room for people to pass through the entrance/exit simultaneously. If two people pass through and break the infra-red beam simultaneously, the count will only increase by 1.

Some of the option to improve accuracy for a 5 metre entrance:

  1. Install an additional set of people counter sensors with a mounting pole installed in the middle of the entrance (so for a wider 4 metre entrance you will have 2 x 2 metre "lanes")
  2. Install our Overhead Thermal People Counter solution which requires AC power and will provide a counting width of around 3 metres from a mounting height of 3 metres, and enables counting of simultaneous people entry
To test the tolerance/accuracy within your environment you can request a trial unit for a small fee to cover delivery & insurance.

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